The Things I Find…Saturday May 27 2017

I consider myself a treasure hunter of some sort. Every weekend is a new adventure with meeting new people and finding not so new things. I found this piece of jewelry and said to myself I have to have it. It looks so unique!


Amber Cross

Well I have this passion for jewelry that is like an obsession. I had an extensive collection but I had to sell it. I found this piece in a thrift store that I frequent and I must say something about this it gives me comfort. Maybe it is the Amber being so old or just the cross itself. 

Sterling Silver Amber Cross  

Southwestern Sterling Silver Necklace and Pendant

Necklace and Earring Set 
Hi. I love to shop and find great things. So there is this thrift shop that I frequent and I came across this earring and necklace set and an awesome conversation to go with it. I asked the owner of the shop who happens to be a Pastor, What can I possibly do to help another human being? The Pastor said just tell people about your testimony if you feel it may help them. So here it is. I quit smoking in one day and I never looked back. It will be 3 years in August.